Some of our committee officers with a welfare element in their role hold regular Welfare Hours at a set time every week, usually held in bars on campus, though you can request to meet in a different location. While you’re welcome to get in contact with us at any time and appointments can usually be arranged outside of welfare hours, we have these weekly Welfare Hours so that you have the opportunity to have a chat with one of us about personal concerns or problems you’re facing. There is also a Welfare Officer present at most of the Association’s socials and events if the need to speak to one of us arises.

None of us are qualified counsellors, but we are here to listen, and we can signpost you towards various university services for a huge range of issues, from Health and Welfare to Academic and Finance issues. Whatever the problem, your Welfare Officer should be able to guide you towards the best services available to help.

Beyond one-on-one welfare contact, the Welfare Officer is also responsible for raising awareness about welfare issues with on-campus campaigns, and will liase with the rest of the LGBTQ+ Association committee and the Education, Welfare and Diversity group to ensure that the Association, as well as wider campus events and campaigns, are accessible to LGBTQ+ students.

We have three officers who hold weekly welfare hours, the times for which will be available closer to the start of term:

Welfare Officer

Hi, I’m Theo, your Welfare Officer. You can catch me at committee meetings, events, or during my Welfare Hour. I’m happy to talk about welfare concerns, sexual health or just the day to day of the Association. If you’d like to meet me outside of my Welfare hour, or just ask any questions, feel free to email me at t.routh@lancaster.ac.uk

Community Diversity Officer

I’m Lex, your Community Diversity Officer. I’m here if you need to talk about any welfare concerns, questions about the underrepresented identities within the community, or any other concerns. If you’re planning on meeting me during my welfare hour, have any questions or want to meet with me outside my welfare hour then please email me at l.elliott1@lancaster.ac.uk

Trans Campaigns and Welfare Officer


Cross Campus Officer

I’m Maddy, the CCO: LGBTQ+, and you can talk to me about anything from welfare concerns to more general questions or issues you may have about the LGBTQ+ Association. If you’re planning on coming to speak to me in my Welfare Hours, if you want to meet at another time or place, or if you have any other questions then email me at m.burns@lancaster.ac.uk

We also have a welfare blog where you can send us any questions or concerns. There is an option to message us anonymously, if that’s what you’re more comfortable with. Additionally, we run regular Coming Out Safe Spaces where you can talk and listen to other LGBTQ+ people about experiences or worries about coming out. There is absolutely no pressure to share your thoughts and you can simply listen if you wish, but if you do want to talk then it will be in as safe and supportive an environment as possible.

Other places to seek help:

  • LUSU Advice & Support has a professional and experienced team of staff and officers who provide students with free, independent and confidential advice: advice@lusu.co.uk
  • Lancaster Nightline offer support and can signpost people further: nightline@lancaster.ac.uk, or call 01524 594444
  • You can contact VP Welfare and Community Anna Lee for general welfare issues experienced at the university: lusu.vp.welfare@lancaster.ac.uk
  • University counselling services: lancaster.ac.uk/sbs/counselling
  • All of the colleges have advisors (staff) and welfare officers (students) you can speak to – your college website should have their contact details.
  • You might also want to consider off-campus alternatives such as help lines and private counselling.
  • Liminal is a group for LGBTQ+ people of all faiths, offering friendship, fellowship, and support. They meet fortnightly on Wednesdays at 6pm in the Chaplaincy centre.
  • The Chaplaincy Centre on campus can also offer support.
  • There are various charities that can offer help, such as Broken Rainbow, Out in the Bay and the LGBT Foundation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of the above, all of whom are there to help and will be happy to speak to you!