The committee are here to run campaigns, socials and other events, support LGBTQ+ individuals, and help to ensure there is an active, committed, and inclusive LGBTQ+ community on campus. If you are interested in being on the committee, we hold at least one set of elections every term, usually towards the end of term. To find out when the next elections are and what positions are available, check for updates on our Facebook page or email

Our committee runs according to the LGBTQ+ Association Byelaw, which dictates exactly how we govern.

Cross-Campus Officer

The CCO: LGBTQ+ is an elected officer within the student union who facilitates the events that the LGBTQ+ Committee wants to run and coordinates between the LGBTQ+ Association and LUSU.

General Secretary

The General Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes, which are a written recording of meetings, and a register of everyone who attends them

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer is a point of contact for students, through weekly Welfare hours. As a point of contact, the Welfare Officer is a friendly face who is able to signpost to various university services for a huge range of issues – whatever the problem, your welfare officer should be able to guide you towards the best services available to help.

Campaigns Officer

The campaigns officers have a broad remit for campaigns that can cover equality, liberation, diversity, or education. They work with the other, more specific campaigns officers to ensure inclusivity and intersectionality, as well as leading their own campaigns.

Socials & Events Officer

The socials and events officers coordinate all social outings, including a trip to canal street each term. They also help organise any LGBTQ+ information stalls or particular campaign events.

Publicity & Communications Officer

The Publicity and Communications Officers are responsible for ensuring that all of the Association’s events are publicised to the wider student body. This involves creating posters which are erected around campus, keeping followers up to date on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and releasing regular news updates via email and the website.

Community Diversity Officer

The Community Diversity Officer represents the less represented identities within the LGBTQ+ community. This officer ensures that the diverse identities within the community are reflected within the Association and the campaigns held. This officer also holds a weekly welfare hour with a friendly face who is able to signpost to various university services for a huge range of issues or if you want someone to talk to.

Women’s Officer

The Women’s Officer is a self-defining woman who represents LGBTQ+ women. This officer ensures that the diversity of LGBTQ+ women is reflected within the Association and campaigns on issues that affect LGBTQ+ women, as well as being a point of contact with groups and individuals such as the Cross Campus Officer: Women’s Liberation and the Women’s Forum.

Trans* Campaigns and Welfare Officer

The Trans Campaigns and Welfare Officer self-defines as trans and represents trans students at the university. This officer is a point of contact for trans students, and has weekly welfare hours where they are a friendly face and able to signpost to various services for a huge range of issues – whatever the problem. They also are the lead officer for running campaigns for trans students.

Ethnic Minorities Officer

The Ethnic Minorities Office self-defines as an ethnic minority and represents LGBTQ+ ethnic minorities. This officer co-ordinates with the Cross Campus Officer: Ethnic Minorities and relevant groups, ensuring that their diversity and the intersectional discrimination they face is being represented by the LGBTQ+ Association.

Students With Disabilities Officer

The Student with Disabilities Officer is a self-defining person with disabilities who works to ensure students with disabilities are represented within the LGBTQ+ Association in as full and diverse a way as possible.

Mature Students, Associate Members, and Postgraduate (MAP) Officer

The MAP officer aims to make MAP people feel welcome within the association and to represent their views during committee meetings. The MAP officer also coordinates with other local groups, especially the PMS LGBTQ+ group which is specifically aimed at postgraduates, mature students and staff.