About Us

Our acronym – LGBTQ+ – is used as a shorthand for the people who we aim to represent. The ‘+’ means that people of a wide range of identities are welcome to come on our socials, join our campaigns, or get involved in another way!

As a group we aim to be as diverse, inclusive, and accepting as possible. We are a LUSU Association, not a society – we do not have a membership list nor do we charge a fee of any kind, and we intend to keep it that way. Any student at the university can be a member, and university/LUSU staff can be members upon request..

The LGBTQ+ Association exists to promote LGBTQ+ equality within the student community and, where possible, on a wider scale. We strive to make all of our events and meetings ‘safe spaces’ – this means that they are completely confidential, and we never publicise who attends without asking their permission. Respecting that safe space is our highest priority, as we want to ensure anyone coming into a meeting feels comfortable there.

We have weekly meetings where we make plans and have discussions, and more informal coffee evenings where you can chat with new people over a cup of tea or coffee. We also run regular socials, campaigns, and other events. We’d love to see you at any of our meetings and events, so you’re always welcome to come along!

The Association is only one of many liberation groups on campus, including Women’s Forum, Disabilities Forum, and Ethnic Diversity Committee. Representatives from these groups sit on Liberation Committee, which co-ordinates campaigns to ensure intersectionality and controls the liberation budget.

You can contact us through Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or email; all the links for those are at the bottom of the page. For support from us, see our welfare section for contact information and for details of our weekly welfare hours.