Weekly Update

We’re heading towards the end of term and this week we’ll be running an aromantism awareness campaign so be sure to look out for more information.

Coffee Evening – 18:00 Furness TV Room
Come along for a nice, relaxed social, have a chat with people and have a drink to start your week.

Aromanticism Stall – Alexandra Square

Come on down to our stall to find more about the aromantic spectrum.

Weekly Meeting – 17:00 Charles Carter A19
We’ll be having a workshop on aromantism, so join us to learn a little something and ask any questions you may!

PMS – 17:30 Fylde Bar 
Our LGBTQ+ group for Postgraduate and Mature Students and Staff. This is an opportunity for specifically postgrads, mature students and staff to chat after work.

T and Coffee – 18:00
This is a trans-specific social meeting for trans people to come together and discuss anything important to them. T and Coffee will be held at 6pm, and if you’re interested in attending, just send us a Facebook message.