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Out in Sport is a campaign being run at Lancaster University this May as part of the Roses 50th Anniversary, celebrating positive role models and allyship.

We are having a stall on Saturday/Sunday in the Roses Village from 10am-5pm taking pictures of people who support people who are ‘out in sport’

Click on the image above to like the Facebook page to keep track of our campaign this weekend.

This week we had a meeting about our Out in Sport campaign, the democratic review of upcoming LUSU changes that have a positive effect on liberation groups, and a talk by a new community aiming to engage liberation groups.

Here are the minutes:  Minutes Week 22 2016

Welcome back everyone! It’s the start of a new term and we know many of you will be busy but we hope you’ll grant yourself a break and come join us this week!

Coffee evening 18:00 Furness Bar
Come along for a relaxing social and a hot drink.

Weekly Meeting – 17:00 Charles Carter A19
We’ll be hearing about developments from NUS LGBT+ conference from our delegates as well as discussing plans for the term.

PMS – 17:30 Flyde Bar
Our LGBTQ+ group for Postgraduate and Mature Students and Staff, will be at 5:30pm in Fylde Bar as usual. This is an opportunity for specifically postgrads, mature students and staff to chat after work.

T and Coffee – 18:00
This is a trans-specific social meeting for trans people to come together and discuss anything important to them. If you’re interested in attending, just send us a Facebook message (completely confidential).

It’s time again for LGBTQ+’s termly Canal Street trip on Friday 18th March!

3 bars are planned for the bar crawl: Cruz 101, Kikis and AXM – there will also be some drink deals.

The coach will leave at 9pm and we will set off back to campus at 3am.

Tickets are £14 and will be sold this week at the following times:
TUES 1-2pm in Trev (Furness bar)
WEDS 12-1pm in Bowland Bar
THURS 2-3pm in County Bar

Greetings everyone! We’ve made it to the end of lent term! Well done for getting through, and hopefully all your deadlines are almost out of the way! There will be no weekly meeting this week due to end of term obligations. Our last big social of term is here – our fantastic Canal Street trip on Friday night! We hope you’ve kept your diaries open for one last blowout before you head home for the holiday. Tickets will be on-sale this week (make sure to keep up with our Facebook page to find out when).

Coffee Evening – 18:00 Furness Bar
Come along for a nice, relaxed social, have a chat with people and have a drink to start your week.
Note that this has been moved from the TV room to the bar.

Refresher’s Fair Stall – 16:00-19:00 Great Hall
If you know people who want to get involved but haven’t yet, let them know that they can come along to have a chat!

Postgrad, Mature Student and Staff (PMS) Group- 17:30 Flyde bar

This is a casual gathering where LGBTQ postgrads, mature students and staff can relax after work, socialise and discuss LGBTQ issues specific to them.
The main exec that usually hosts this cannot attend this week so please contact us or the Facebook group to check for others that will be attending.

T and Coffee – 18:00
The social night for trans students. If you’re interested in this, please contact us on Facebook (completely confidential).

Canal Street – 21:00
The event you’ve all been waiting for, our Canal Street trip! Tickets will be £14, which includes coach travel to and from Manchester, and entry and drinks offers at three fantastic bars!
Make sure to grab your ticket before they all sell out, and be there when the coach arrives! If you can please see our FB event page for more details.

LUSU is currently running a running an ‘I Won’t Stand For It’ campaign about not tolerating oppression, and as always we want to show that we won’t tolerate discrimination of under-represented LGBTQ+ identities. We have previously run awareness campaigns about the asexuality spectrum, bi and pan, and polyamory and non-monogamy, because we want to raise awareness of these identities, clear up some common misconceptions, and ensure that people of all LGBTQ+ identities are welcome within the community.

To start with, here’s a definition:

Aromanticism is the lack of romantic attraction to people of any gender.

In this context, attraction refers to a mental or emotional force that draws people together. There are multiple types of attraction, including:

Romantic attraction – the desire for a romantic relationship with a specific person.
Sexual attraction – the desire for sexual contact with a specific person.
Sensual attraction – the desire for physical contact with a specific person that is not necessarily sexual, e.g. kissing, cuddling.
Aesthetic attraction – the attraction to a specific person based on their physical appearance but without the desire to act upon it.

Some people experience all of these, and others only experience one or two. These types of attraction are separate but can intersect, and they can be difficult to differentiate, especially if you’re experiencing more than one at a time.

Just like aromanticism is the lack of romantic attraction, asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction. These two identities are often confused, but they are completely different. Some people are both aromantic and asexual, and some are only one or the other.

Like most identities, aromanticism exists on a spectrum. Some people never experience romantic attraction at all, and those on the other end of the spectrum experience it regularly.

Aromantic – doesn’t ever experience romantic attraction (or very rarely does).
Grey-aromantic – only sometimes experiences romantic attraction, or doesn’t experience it to a great extent.
Alloromantic – does experience romantic attraction.

There are also several others identities that fall under the aromantic spectrum:

Demiromantic – only experiences romantic attraction after forming a deep emotional bond.
Lithromantic – experiences attraction but doesn’t want reciprocation.
Akoiromantic – experiences attraction that fades once reciprocated.
WTF-romantic – general term for not understand what is going on with how you experience romantic attraction.
Quoi/platoniromantic – can’t distinguish between experiencing romantic and platonic attraction.
Cupio/kalosromantic – desires a relationship but doesn’t experience romantic attraction.

However, just because there are a lot of words to describe the identities on the aromantic spectrum, you never have to label yourself if you don’t want to or if you aren’t able to find a label that fits. You’re also allowed to use terms that are close to how you identify if it’s easier, e.g. a demiromantic person might refer to themselves as aromantic because it’s simpler to explain, or you can use umbrella terms if you don’t want to explain the intricacies of your identity, e.g. LGBTQ+ or queer.

Ultimately, how you identify is your choice – you can use any applicable labels to describe yourself, or none at all.

Here are some other useful terms:

Romance repulsion – when romantic interactions make you feel icky. This varies between people, e.g. some people find romance unpleasant when it affects them directly whereas some people dislike seeing romance in media etc.

Queerplatonic relationship – not a romantic relationship but involves a close emotional bond, which can be similar to friendship or to dating. It’s often used by people on the aromantic spectrum and is normally used due to the commitment level involved which can be similar to romantic relationships.

Aromantic people are heartless

Aromantic people can care about people just as deeply as anyone else – they can love people, just not romantically.

Aromantic people are ‘missing out’

Just because you enjoy or seek out romantic relationships doesn’t mean everyone does; lots of people can quite happily go without romantic relationships.

Aromantic people can’t have meaningful relationships

Platonic or queerplatonic relationships are just as meaningful as romantic ones.

Aromantic people don’t experience discrimination

All identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella experience discrimination. A total lack of awareness is a very significant form of oppression because it means aromantic people have to constantly explain and justify their identity. Being ignored and silenced is oppressive.

Aromantic people just want casual sex

Some aromantic people may want this, and others may not. This is the same with alloromantic people; being aromantic doesn’t make you any more likely to want casual sex. However, if they do want casual sex, they are often wrongfully demonised for it.

Because of these misconceptions and because so few people are well-informed about aromanticism, it can be difficult for aromantic people to come out. If someone comes out to you as on the aromantic spectrum, be supportive and not intrusive – them coming out to you doesn’t mean you’re allowed to quiz them on their identity.

No matter how to identify, you’re not obligated to come out at all if you don’t feel safe or comfortable doing so. No one can tell you whether or not you should come out, but if you’re having trouble and want to talk to someone you can speak to our Community Diversity Officer, Welfare Officer or Cross Campus Officer.


Aromantic wiki:

Definition on AVEN (Asexuality Visibility & Education Network):

Surprisingly good Buzzfeed article:

We’re heading towards the end of term and this week we’ll be running an aromantism awareness campaign so be sure to look out for more information.

Coffee Evening – 18:00 Furness TV Room
Come along for a nice, relaxed social, have a chat with people and have a drink to start your week.

Aromanticism Stall – Alexandra Square

Come on down to our stall to find more about the aromantic spectrum.

Weekly Meeting – 17:00 Charles Carter A19
We’ll be having a workshop on aromantism, so join us to learn a little something and ask any questions you may!

PMS – 17:30 Fylde Bar 
Our LGBTQ+ group for Postgraduate and Mature Students and Staff. This is an opportunity for specifically postgrads, mature students and staff to chat after work.

T and Coffee – 18:00
This is a trans-specific social meeting for trans people to come together and discuss anything important to them. T and Coffee will be held at 6pm, and if you’re interested in attending, just send us a Facebook message.

In this week’s meeting we had an Aromanticism Awareness workshop, dispelling misconceptions, the types of attraction and the spectrum of Aromanticism.

Here’s the minutes of that meeting with a summary of the topics discussed.
Minutes Week 19 2016